The brightwheel engineering team was a big Heroku customer, and relied extensively on Heroku's Redis offering. We loved how simple it was to spin up and use a redis instance on Heroku, and in the early days, the basic monitoring tools that Heroku provided were more than enough to get us off the ground. Brightwheel's reliance on Redis continued to grow as we scaled the service, and over time, we had to build our own profiling and querying tools to debug issues and monitor performance.

A few weeks ago, I decided to challenge myself to “ship something fast.” I built a lot of products in 2019, but since most of my time was spent consulting, the work that I did was for other companies. I wanted to end the year with something of my own, and something that I thought could be useful for other engineers.

keyspot makes it fast and simple for developers to monitor and query their redis instances. Developers can quickly set up their redis instances and then use keyspot's visualization tools, realtime client list and realtime key search to monitor their instances. keyspot makes it fast for developers to find what they're looking for in their redis instances without having to write custom lua scripts, comb through the Redis docs or fuss with the redis command line.

I built keyspot over the last 4 weeks and am happy to get to ship the beta today. If you're interested in using keyspot for your redis instances, sign up on the waitlist at